Justin Bieber Turns 20 — Happy Birthday Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber 20th BirthdayWe can’t say it’s been the best year for Justin, but we’re sure he’s looking forward to his next one! On March 1, he turned 20 and we’re reflecting many reasons we’re proud of Justin Bieber.

This year has been full of ups and downs for Justin Bieber — but let’s focus on the good! It’s the big 2-0 for Justin on March 1, and we’re sure he’ll make it one worth remembering. While 19, Justin put out a new movie, a new album and a ton of new music videos.

Justin Bieber Sucking on Stripper’s Nipple!

Justin Bieber Sucking Stripper NipplesTMZ released an explicit photo of Justin Bieber next to a stripper with her ​​friend, Khalil Sharieff some time ago at a party in Los Angeles . In the image, Bieber appears in an intimate moment with the stripper that exposes her breasts.

The photo shows them both sucking on one breast each at a recent party. According to TMZ, the stripper, who had fake breasts and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his friends at an L.A. recording studio.

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White House Respond with New Petition ‘Not Deport Justin Bieber’

justin bieber not deport petitionNew petition calling for Not Deport Justin Bieber Signatures needed by March 02, 2014 to reach goal of 100,000. The new petition was created after Over100k Signatures for Deport Justin Bieber for the “We the People” petition program.

NOT Deport Justin Bieber:

We the people of the United States and Justin Bieber fandom, are absolutely against the deportation of Justin Bieber. He is absolutely not a bad influence on America. There are so many more bad influences than Justin Bieber. If anything he is saving lives. Look at some of the tweets he receives about girls who are depressed and wanting to take their lives, but they don’t because they listen to Justin’s music, or they have concert tickets and they make that their goal, to get to that concert. If he is deported, he can’t do that concert they are looking forward and they take their life. I don’t want to sound morbid, but we all know its true. So, me and lots of others want to have him not deported and let him keep him, making that amazing music of his.

“Not Deport Justin Bieber” – Click Here To Sign Petition

Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper Official Music Video

Justin bieber Confident Music videoJustin Bieber has released the official video clip Confident , partnership with Chance the Rapper which is part of the latest musical project of Canadian digital album, Journals. Directed by Colin Tilley , the video curiously brings the same actress in the last clip of Justin, “All That Matters“, Cailin Russo , starring the scenes of the video that also brings a lot of dancing in the production filmed in December 2013 in Los Angeles .

The clip was posted to the account of the Bieber VEVO is a new challenge for the army of fans of the star, seeking to recover the record for the most watched video in 24 hours of release. Watch The Video!

Terry Crews: Justin Bieber Will Be in Movie ‘The Expendables 4′

justin bieber expendables 4
Like every big star, Justin Bieber is always willing to adhere to new challenges in its long list of accomplishments during his career, and sometimes comes out of your comfort zone giving life to characters from shows like CSI , among many other cameos, and it looks like 2014 will be no different.

In a recent interview with New York Daily News , the actor Terry Crews , famous for acting in action movies and major comedy film, revealed that the fourth edition of the film “The Expendables” – ( “The Expendables” ), will be attended the singer of 19 years old. “Next, I’m telling you that Justin Bieber is coming to The Expendables 4. This is for real!” said Terry the U.S. newspaper. Continue reading